Our Origins

Nexus Alpha initially developed out of a programming project for BBC Travel. Our first product was called the Travel Terminal, which the BBC placed in Police Control Rooms. The system was used by the police to send messages about road disruption to the BBC who then forwarded the information to radio stations via their fax messaging hub.

Network South East visited the BBC, and ultimately took delivery of Travel Terminal systems so that the BBC could be proactively informed about rail disruption. Messages were initially sent through for inclusion on Ceefax.  The first commercial funding for the Travel Terminal not via the BBC came directly from three divisions of Network South East (North London Lines, South Eastern and South Central as they were).

The first iteration of Tyrell was introduced, the PC based re-implementation of the Acorn Archimedes-based Travel Terminal. Tyrell became networked and, as well as communicating with the BBC, other Nexus Alpha systems, fax machines and pagers, rapidly grew into a highly configurable powerful communication and message management system.


Our earliest systems were designed to provide BBC CEEFAX with up-to-date travel information.

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