Croydon Tramlink Case Study

Croydon Tramlink:

Nexus Alpha has completed a bespoke Tyrell IO template for Croydon Tramlink. We were approached by Croydon Tramlink to provide a solution for sending accurate, consistent information in a timely manner to all staff and TfL for customers.

Previously, they were using an internal tool to send out SMS messages to staff, but every SMS message went to every member of staff. It didn’t matter what route or area of the network someone was working on, they received every single message from Wimbledon to Beckenham Junction throughout the day.

By constantly “bombarding” staff with SMS (and only having 160 characters), information became irrelevant and de-valued, meaning staff would not check their phones each time a message came through. There were also financial implications with a per SMS message cost.

Once a disruption message had been sent out, Croydon Tramlink would then have to phone or email Transport for London (TfL) to request that their website was updated to show these delays to the Tram services.  There were a number of communication problems that Nexus Alpha could resolve.

Croydon Tramlink – Tyrell IO:

Tyrell IO resolved the following problems:

  • Eliminated duplication of inputting information into multiple systems for staff and customers
  • Eliminated a “time lag” when updating each system.  Information instantly became more accurate and up-to-date and genuinely “Real Time”
  • Allowed for “targeted” information for staff and customers.  A different message could be sent to different audiences, with only one input
  • An instant reduction in SMS (numbers and cost) as emails were sent from Tyrell IO that had more “granular” information
  • The ability to send and receive disruption information from neighbouring rail and light rail operators, so information could then be passed onto Tramlink customers (including more severe “CSL2” incidents and ticket acceptance). Croydon Tramlink has interchange stations at East Croydon and Wimbledon stations, where Southern Railway, Go-Via Thameslink Railway, Gatwick Express and South West Trains also call.
  • The ability to limit the sending of Tyrell IO messages to when a member of staff is on shift. (Every address can have pre-defined times and days of the week so the contact method is valid - this can be extended to allow emails to be sent during working hours, but say an SMS out of hours)

A Croydon Tramlink template allowed for the creation of data that could instantly populate the Croydon Tramlink website and Rainbow Boards, plus drive the TfL website automatically, so no further manual intervention is required - the Controller would only enter information (into Tyrell IO) once.

The Tyrell IO template for Croydon Tramlink:

The initial disruption NEAT Form allows a Controller to update each route status.  The number of routes are configurable allowing for network expansion.

Croydon Tramlink Routes

When a Controller updates the status of a particular route, they are then able to click the "add" button on the right to add further detail as to where the problem is and how long it is expected to last.

croydon tramlink NEAT form 001pc.jpg

The text below is the output from the Tyrell IO Croydon Tramlink template.

Croydon Output 002pc

Croydon Output 001pc

Data Outputs:

The disruption data for Croydon Tramlink can now be made available across the Tram Network.  Croydon Tramlink are looking to partner with businesses to encourage customers to use the trams to travel to popular destinations.  The data feed can be made available to third parties providing real-time information to wider audiences. An example can be seen below for Ikea.

IKEA website

If you would like further information on the Croydon Tramlink case study or you would like to talk with us about your requirements for improving staff and customer information, please contact us

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