HIMALIA - Assisting TOCS to Improve PIDD Performance

We’ve enhanced our Tyrell IO system to help train operating companies (TOCs) further improve the quality and speed of supply of disruption information to both staff and customers.

The Himalia Transport Alert System is set to prove a vital tool in the drive to meet industry requirements from RDG (Rail Delivery Group) in the area of Passenger Information During Disruption (PIDD), particularly during more severe CSL2 incidents.

Himalia automatically tracks and highlights information relating to train or route disruption that is causing, or may cause or contribute to service disruption. This includes instant notification of trains not departing on time, and changes to calling patterns (including cancellations), as well as pertinent information about issues being experienced by neighbouring TOCs which could have knock on effects. Disruptions to other connecting transport modes (for example London Underground – or bus services) are also available.

Alerts on any of these “events” are automatically provided to those in the Control Rooms with access to Tyrell IO and allow messages to be issued quickly - directly from the raised “alerts”. Himalia also provides a list of ongoing issues – effectively a dashboard for Control Room teams to work from. It can also provide real time next working alerts based on when further delays to later services can be expected – taking account of rolling stock diagrams.

We believe Himalia is the first system capable of identifying and integrating route and train-related events and ‘non-events’ in real time, highlighting information gaps and any inconsistencies – all with the aim of helping users distribute complete timely information about service disruption.

In summary, Himalia draws on multiple information sources across all aspects of network operations nationwide, as well as other modes of public transport, providing triggers which ensure Control Room Teams can respond to disruption quickly and are able to deliver key information to customers and staff and help improve their performance in the area of PIDD.

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