Since our previous update on the Nexus Alpha Blog, we’ve made several enhancements to HIMALIA. These changes have come following the feedback we’ve received from our users. Out of the many changes that have been made to Himalia the new key feature we’ve included is the ability to resize the alert book. Allowing a Controller to permanently position the window on their desktop, enabling them to see any alerts that require immediate action.

Below is a list of the new key features we’ve added to Himalia V2.0

  • A new reduced window size for Transport Alert Book has been inserted.
  • The default alert view has been changed from multiline to a single line view.


  • The toolbar is now automatically hidden when resizing the main window, making it smaller to view.
  • We’ve added some colour to the 'Action Due' items in single line view for 'Overdue' and 'Due in' to help distinguish them from each other. 
  • The column resize settings are now stored in the user profile.
  • A menu option has been incorporated to allow you to switch off the main toolbar to help reduce the size of the main window.
  • You’ll see that 'Calling Pattern' and 'Audit' options have been added to the right click context menu.
  • For quick access, pre-defined filters can now be selected from the main window to save time.
  • Finally, you can now filter by 'Alert Type' via the main filter options to view


We are pleased to advise that Himalia V2.0 is now available in Tyrell IO 8.4.

For further information please contact our support team on 01634304223.

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