Personalised, Tailored, Shared Station Information

MiStations.info is now available.

MiStations is our new, free service available to the UK rail Industry, as well as for use by the public.

The system is loaded with the National Rail Enquiries "knowledge base" as its core foundation, information that is publically available.

In addition, for members of the rail industry with an authenticated Train Operating Company (TOC) email address, there is the ability to add further localised information about a particular station - Information such as accessibility, platform ramp location, direct phone numbers, car parking and taxi companies - in fact any information can be noted and shared.

MiStations provides instant access to station information across the UK rail sector (excluding Northern Ireland).

Any information added can be shared:

  • as a personal note (seen only by the person entering)
  • across a TOC
  • across any owning group (all TOCs within a business group)
  • with other rail professionals (all users with an authenticated rail email address)

with easy links provided to then access it.



MiStations was born out of discussions with our clients... a need was identified where it would be really useful to have additional information about stations (over and above that already available to the general public) easily accessible in one place.  As well as useful "operational" information, this could include information about local services - how far it is to the nearest pub or farmer's market. Local taxi companies - history about the station. Whatever is useful...


How do I Access MiStations?

Any rail professional is able to set up an account on MiStations using their business email address - joe/joanne.public@trainoperator.com 

The website is designed to allow access for authenticated domain names across the rail sector.  Any user can access the base information level without logging in, but any additionally added information can be viewed and edited (based on access rights) when users are logged in.

Login 001p


The end user can search for any station name or CRS code in the UK (excluding NI).

Station search 002

What information is available?

The filtered station view provides the following information:

  • Name and Address
  • Google Map
  • Staffing and General Services
  • Accessibility and Mobility Access
  • Station Facilities
  • Tickets
  • To and From the Station (bikes, taxi's, buses)

And then there is the ability to add information +

Waterloo 002pcJPG

Accessing Details...

A user can select the category of choice to access the relevant information.

LW 003pc

Adding Content and Value

As a rail professional (and authenticated access) the user has the ability to add information that may be of use to themselves or of benefit to others within their business or across the industry.

The publisher of the information can then determine who can access the information. All changes are logged.


Personalised Information

MiStations provides the ability to personalise and tailor information.  A user can add an image or icon to reflect the content.  Below is an image of Manchester Oxford Road station identifying information "John" has added and only he can view.

John Info 003pc

The content is up to the user... 

John Info 002pc

MiStations Is Responsive

MiStations is a responsive website allowing station information to be presented in the most useful form whether being accessed via desktop, tablets or mobile phone.

iPhone 3

MiStations is a service that will evolve over time.  We will continuously look to enhance and add features.  We know where we want to take the product, but your feedback is essential to us to move the service forward, so we'd love to hear from you.

Please Contact Us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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