Real Time Golden Lion Stats

The Real Time Top 10 Golden Lion Scores can be viewed in our Reporting Suite. The graphs below show that the average scores have progressively improved, and the Top 10 are now generally within 5% of each other:  With the current period nearly complete, the standing is as following as on 12:45 on 20 July 2016.

GL Top 10 001pc


It is also now possible to track compliance as the incidents develop, and monitor relative performance against the industry averages.

GL Overview 001pc

The completeness and timeliness of the reporting of disruption information has continually improved during the period. This latest service allows it to be measured and managed on a minute-by-minute basis.

GL Graph 001pc

The overall Golden Lion Score (an indication of the timeliness and completeness of train and route disruption information) comprises of the following five elements:

GL Scoring 001pc

The latest report shows historic scores and the position of the TOC relative to the industry average.

Golden Lion Summary per period

The Timeliness of Full Cancellations reflects whether or not the cancellation was sent out before the train was due to depart or not (clearly, trains sometimes "fail" when they are due to leave, so it is not possible to score 100% in this category).

However, it does reflect sending out cancellations that might be known in advance (for example, those associated with the rolling stock's 'next working').

GL Timeliness of Cancellations 001pc

Since we started to analyse Part Cancellations (i.e. train alterations), the performance has been between 83% and 88%.

GL Part Cancellations 001pc

Each scoring element can be analysed separately, with scores out of 100, and any "below industry average scores" appearing in red.

GL Full Cancellations 001pc

The sample TOC below always associated an Incident Duration with every incident - perfect compliance. If you Include this element on route disruption it will provide customers with an indication as to when the disruption is expected to be over.

GL CSL2 Message Duration Specified 001pc

Part of the PIDD Agreed Code of Practice states that when severe disruption occurs (categorised "CSL2"), an update will be provided at least every 20 minutes. Nexus Alpha measures and tracks updates, and Tyrell IO prompts users after 15 minutes to assist with compliance.

GL CSL2 Message Duration 001pc

Drilling Down in Real Time....

Using the PIDD Real Time Reporting Suite every element can be analysed. For example, where cancellations are not sent before departure time, each service can be identified:

Timeliness of cancellations 001pc

Train Services Cancelled after they should have arrived at their final destination

Another report highlights when cancellations are not sent out until after they were due in at their final destination. This is an unusual event, and generally only occurs during very severe disruption - or occasionally, if the particular train service was overlooked - or potentially entered into other systems not using Tyrell IO.

Cancellations 001pc

CSL2 Analysis - Are Thresholds Being Met?

A convenient summary page is shown highlighting relevant performances:

CSL2 Summary 001pc

Every route disruption incident that (at some stage) is categorised as CSL2 is tracked, and a simple graphic representation is provided showing each update. In the table below, it shows that only once was the 20 minutes threshold missed - and then, only by 36 seconds. 


Another example is shown below:

Capture 1

Any message sent can be pulled back for further analysis and can assist with Incident Review.

CSL2 Missed Threshold 001pc

Part Cancellations - Tyrell IO v PSS

Analysis is also provided for Post-Incident Review against multiple industry systems.

Part Cancellations PSS (1) 001pc

Part Cancellations PSS (2) 001pc

Individual Performance:

When users in the Control are set up with their own log in accounts on Tyrell IO, then individual performance can be tracked. Accounts can also be shared if an individual audit is not required.  For example, there could be Customer Information Controller North and Customer Information Controller South which could be accounts used by many different users.

Route Disruption (by Person)

All Train Disruption entered is tracked and a percentage score per user account provided for the Timeliness of Whole Cancellations.

Service Disruption (by Person)

Analysis of the Disruption Reasons is also provided. This highlights the responsibilities for the disruption, and can assist in linking train disruption to route disruption.  This is very useful for Incident Review or potentially to assist with Delay Attribution.

Reasons for Disruption 001pc

Contact Us:

If you would like to discuss our Real Time Reporting Suite or would like a demonstration, please contact Paul Coleman in our Commercial Team on 0207 622 6816 who will be happy to assist.

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