Blog Most Recent - NexusAlpha Blog en-US 2019-06-15T10:24:59 CHRONOS Solar Powered Real Time Flag Display <p><strong>Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems Displays</strong></p> <p>As well as in-shelter displays, Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems (Nexus Alpha LPS) offers a flag option with an associated ATLAS column ... 2017-12-12T03:45:00 University of East Anglia – Nexus Alpha LPS HELIOS 65 <p>An award-winning bus interchange, which features swinging seats, an electronic LCD display and a green &lsquo;living&rsquo; roof has been described as a potential blueprint for future public ... 2017-12-11T12:00:00 HIMALIA - V2.0 <p>Since our previous update on the Nexus Alpha Blog, we&rsquo;ve made several enhancements to HIMALIA. These changes have come following the feedback we&rsquo;ve received from our users. Out of the ... 2017-12-11T12:00:00 HIMALIA - Assisting TOCS to Improve PIDD Performance <p>We&rsquo;ve enhanced our Tyrell IO system to help train operating companies (TOCs) further improve the quality and speed of supply of disruption information to both staff and customers.</p> <p>The ... 2017-04-11T04:00:00 New JourneyCheck Alerts API service will aid TOCs in bolstering customer experience and improve PIDD <p>We have launched an innovative new product which is set to help train operating companies (TOCs) optimise their performance in the pivotal area of customer experience.</p> <p>The new Application ... 2017-03-16T11:00:00 Real Time Golden Lion Stats <p>The Real Time Top 10 Golden Lion Scores can be viewed in our Reporting Suite. The graphs below show that&nbsp;the average scores have progressively improved, and the Top 10 are now generally within... 2016-08-01T01:15:00 Tyrell IO 8.0 - Available Autumn 2016 <p>Tyrell IO 8.0 will be available in September 2016. &nbsp;Our IT Support Team are in the process of contacting your&nbsp;Control to schedule in the upgrade for October and November.</p> <p>Version ... 2016-08-01T08:45:00 TyrellCheck Instant Messaging <p>This new communication tool provides for interactive cross-business incident-based conversations threads for all staff.&nbsp;<span>Our TyrellCheck Instant Messaging service is now available on ... 2016-07-01T09:30:00 TyrellCheck Mobile deployed at Network Rail BHM <p>After a successful trial, Network Rail have rolled out TyrellCheck Mobile to all staff at Birmingham New Street Station. Staff at the Network Rail managed station now have access to real time ... 2016-04-01T03:45:00 <h2>Personalised, Tailored, Shared Station Information</h2> <p><a href=""></a>&nbsp;is now available.</p> <p><a href=... 2016-04-01T01:15:00 Croydon Tramlink Case Study <h2>Croydon Tramlink:</h2> <p>Nexus Alpha has completed a bespoke Tyrell IO template for Croydon Tramlink. We were&nbsp;approached by Croydon Tramlink to provide a solution for sending accurate, ... 2016-03-17T10:45:00 Chicago Contract - Recent US Visit <p>Nexus Alpha LPS have just been over in the US, visiting our latest client, Pace.</p> <p>Pace is the premier suburban transit provider, the backbone of Chicago's suburbs. &nbsp;Pace serves tens of ... 2016-02-29T08:30:00 Low-energy signs cut cost of transport information <div id="maincontent"> <div id="maincontentinner"> <p></p> <p>Norfolk County Council is expecting 90 per cent energy savings from low-power real-time passenger information (RTPI) signs it is ... 2015-12-03T02:45:00 Tyrell IO 7.0 <h2>Tyrell IO 7.0</h2> <p>Tyrell IO 7.0 is now available.&nbsp; Version 7.0 has some significant and exciting enhancements to improve communication.&nbsp; Enhancements include:</p> <ul> <li>Rich text ... 2015-12-02T08:30:00 ATW on YouTube! <p><iframe width="300" height="150" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe></p> <p>Arriva Trains Wales created a fresh and exciting ... 2015-10-28T08:00:00 NAL Joins UK Tram <p>Nexus Alpha attended the UK Light Rail Conference again in 2015.&nbsp; NAL were first in attendance in 2014 and will be attending the&nbsp;2016 conference in Birmingham.</p> <p>Nexus Alpha ... 2015-08-03T10:15:00 Southeastern Launch JourneyCheck 8 <p><a href="">Southeastern</a> is the first train operator to take JourneyCheck 8, our&nbsp;new and improved&nbsp;version of software.&nbsp; JourneyCheck 8 is responsive,... 2015-04-07T08:45:00