Tyrell IO 8.0 - Available Autumn 2016

Tyrell IO 8.0 will be available in September 2016.  Our IT Support Team are in the process of contacting your Control to schedule in the upgrade for October and November.

Version 8.0 has some significant and exciting enhancements to improve communication and use for staff and customers.  Exciting new features include:

  • Replacement Buses
  • Highlighted Changes in Staff Messages – allowing staff to quickly determine what has changed since the previous update was received
  • Enhanced Geographical Features allowing trains to be automatically selected from a Line of Route Incident
  • Area 51 (Transport Service Enhancements)

Tyrell IO Bus Schedules:

It will now be possible to import bus schedules into Tyrell IO so that realistic bus timings can be used when instituted in an emergency through the use of ‘Helper Buses’. These will work in much the same way as ‘Helper Trains’.

helper bus

“Area 51” - Transport Service Alterations:

Many changes have been made in the background in respect of how train service alterations are handled in Tyrell IO.

Though few will be noticeable by users, they will appreciate that they will no longer be asked to confirm whether a delay should be described as ‘is being delayed’ or ‘will be delayed’; this is because outputs have been rationalised to emphasise providing current and future details of delays and alterations. The completion of the “Area 51” work has also enabled the provision of information in connection with Replacement Road Transport (see below).

Searching for Headcodes:

A new feature has been introduced which will allow users to search for Headcodes in the Incident and Transmission Books even where the Headcodes sought are contained within multi-train incidents/transmissions.

headcode search

Find & Replace:

Having specified a common ‘wildcard’ in the User Profile Book (such as “XX”), users will be able to search through free-form text for instances and overwrite the entries (Shortcut F4): this will be particularly useful when using common templates for such things as ‘PPM’ and ‘State of the Nation’ messages.  ‘Find’ and ‘Find & Replace’ facilities have also been provided.

wildcard search

Changes since last version of message:

A new feature has been introduced which will enable the latest changes in respect of Route Disruption and Train Incidents to stand out in messages (bold by default). Administrators will be able to choose the method of highlighting changes: enboldenment, change of font colour (as illustrated below), highlighting background etc.

Sentences which are automatically built using any data field which have changed will be highlighted.

changes route 1

changes train 2

Incident conversion:

This feature will enable users to quickly search for trains which may be affected by a Route Disruption incident, using locations or selected (service) Routes that have been specified.  Users will be able to easily change the search criteria ‘on the fly’.

A Train Incident NEAT Form will be automatically populated with the selected services (multiple incidents if necessary).


Contact Us:

If you would like to upgrade to Tyrell IO 8.0 to take advantage of the new features, please contact Mark Jones, our IT Support Manager on 01634 304 223 or Paul Coleman in our Commercial Team on 0207 622 6816.

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